Singkatan-singkatan di dalam industry Pelumas


  • AAMA  American Automobile Manufacturers Association – formerly the MVMA, Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association (USA)
  • ACEA   Association des Constructeurs Europeens d’Automobiles (Association of Automobile Constructors in Europe), formerly CCMC, Committee of Common Market Automobile Manufacturers
  • AGMA  American Gear Manufacturers Association
  • AHEM  Association of Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturers
  • ANSI     American National Standards Institute
  • API        American Petroleum Institute
  • ASME   American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • ASTM   American Society for Testing and Materials
  • ATF       Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • CCMC   Comitee des Constructeurs D’Automobiles du Marche Commun (Committee of Common Market Automobile Constructors) – now the ACEA, Association of Automobile Constructors in Europe
  • CEC       Coordinating European Council
  • CMA      Chemical Manufacturers Association (USA)
  • CRC       Coordinating Research Council (USA)
  • DEO       Diesel Engine Oil
  • DIN        Deutsches Institut fur Normung (Germany)
  • EMA      Engine Manufacturers Association (USA)
  • EOLCS  Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System
  • HDDO   Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil
  • HDEO    Heavy Duty Engine Oil
  • HTHS    High Temperature High Shear Rate Viscosity
  • ILMA     Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association
  • ILSAC    International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee
  • ISO         International Standards Organization
  • JAMA    Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association
  • JASO     Japanese Automobile Standards Organization
  • MCL      Marine Cylinder Lubricant
  • MIL       US Military Specifications
  • MON     Motor Octane Number
  • MRV      Mini Rotary Viscometer
  • MSDS     Material Safety Data Sheet
  • MSO       Marine System Oil
  • MVMA  Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association (USA) – now the AAMA, American Automobile Manufacturers Association
  • NGEO    Natural Gas Engine Oil
  • NLGI      National Lubricating Grease Institute
  • NMMA   National Marine Manufacturers Association (USA)
  • NPRA     National Petroleum Refiners Association (USA)
  • OEM       Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • PAJ         Petroleum Association of Japan
  • PCMO    Passenger Car Motor Oil
  • RON       Research Octane Number
  • SAE        Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc
  • SHPD    Super High Performance Diesel (Oil)
  • SSI         Shear Stability Index
  • TDH       Transmission, Differential and Hydraulic
  • THF       Tractor Hydraulic Fluid
  • TPEO    Trunk Piston Engine Oil
  • VI           Viscosity Index
  • Vll          Viscosity Index Improver
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